Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In which my attempt at playing lighting designer is an epic fail....

"I dunno, luv..." John and I had just finished installing the overhead lights we picked out. "Seems rather - well, industrial to me."

Maddy wasn't too sure, either. "Seems kind of harsh."

John-John Kilburne, however, was more blunt. "No way. I've seen better lighting in the men's bog." (That's "restroom," for all us Yanks.)

"I'll take your word on that," I said. 

"Let's think on it a bit," Maddy said. "I can always find a use for those lights if you decide you don't want them."


We found more fabric like the original butterfly dress (there are butterflies in the pattern, really; they're just really scattered and random,) so Maddy decided to make version 2.0. since she had no idea where the other one is. I think it's somewhere amid all the books she has under her bed.

This is the original one, BTW. And was I having a bad hair day or what in that picture? ZOMFG...

The pink streak is pretty cool, but the rest of it...


"Okay, places everyone - whatever that means...." Maddy has been trying to recreate some of the scenes from my ancestor's autobiography. Since there aren't any china or wax dolls here, we're being creative....

I didn't make much of a showing amid the other dolls.....

"Okay, hold it..."

"Caroline, where are you going?"

"Be right back...."

"Oh-KAY, eat your heart out, you Madame Tussaud's reject. it's Caroline time!"

"Okay, that's not in the book," Maddy said. "Although really, it would have been kind of cool if it had been. And wax museums are seriously creepy. I was in one in Quebec City years ago. I lasted about two minutes before I was like, "okay, I'll meet you all across the street at that drugstore. I am out of here." I felt like I was in a mausoleum where they'd posed all the bodies. And you know me, I don't creep out that easily."

"So what did you do?" I was changing back into my other dress.

"Went and looked at music mags until my friends got bored and came over. Didn't find any good pictures, though..."


"What was that - oh boy..."

Well, back to the drawing room - whatever that is...

"Board. Not room."

"Then what's a drawing room?"

"Like the living room, only more Victorian."

And probably better lit, too....oh well.

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