Monday, August 12, 2013

In which I post some more random photos....

Me as my ancestor Hitty's daguerreotype. I ended up giving the dress to my sister Val, though. It's nice, but  - too not pink. It's actually about as brown as it looks in the photo.

Nothing much to do but watch it rain. This was before Maddy's unwise decision to head for the bookstore. She still hasn't made it up there yet. BTW.

Syl the budgie. Cute little face, huh? He talks, but he isn't very understandable. He's funny. He's sweet and friendly, but doesn't really like coming out to play. He'll sit on Maddy's finger, but after about five minutes, he's leaning back in the direction of his cage, wanting to go home.

Me: So what's this?

Maddy: The back porch after that big October snowstorm a couple of years ago. That wasn't even the deepest end of the porch. I couldn't get to that.

Me: What October snowstorm?

Maddy: The one that we got a year - to the day -  before Sandy.

If things really do come in threes, I think we should be making plans to be somewhere else this October 29th....

This, according to Maddy, is the aftermath of the storm where she used to work. Those aren't shrubs in the yard - they're branches torn from that big tree. She had to drive to work very early on the morning of November first to carpool to a meeting, and she said it was one of the creepiest things she'd ever done. It was five AM and pitch dark, and she kept driving through areas that had power and areas that were pitch black. Driving up the twisted, narrow, hilly road leading to the building was the worst. The power was out for most of the street, and there were broken branches and half-fallen trees hanging in the road, along with electrical lines. (The Rogue bears a scratch all along its right side courtesy of one of those hanging limbs.) She said it was like the circle of hell in Dante's Inferno where the souls of suicides go - all these broken, twisted, shattered trees bent in agony, still with green leaves and broken with snow, with only a surreal pinkish-orange glow in the southwestern sky - the lights of New York City reflecting off some low clouds. This was actually taken at about five that same afternoon.

Keeping with Eerie Weather Pictures, this is the sky when Hurricane Irene was heading right for us.

Greetings, little hen.....

Me trying to pick a weapon. With all the weirdness a couple of weeks ago, I didn't think I should head out unarmed.

Maddy: Not my good scissors, guys.....

John-John: Do you really have to photograph everything we do?

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