Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In which - are these signs of SPRING we see?!?

Look at that sky, would you?

Sixty beautiful degrees today! Now this is more like it.

Crocuses! Lots and lots of crocuses!

The pile over the entrance to what was Daisy's house, however, probably isn't going anywhere until June. She thinks she'll be able to salvage at least some of her stuff if we can ever get to it. She's not moving back in, though. If Maddy doesn't figure out a place for that dollhouse upstairs, I will. (In the meantime, she's staying with me.)

In a few short weeks, this will all be yellow flowers. I love how, after so many months of cold, gray, dreary suckiness, the first color to come back is the brightest one in the entire spectrum. It reminds me a little of that moment when The Wizard of Oz goes from sepia to Technicolor.

Aura was happy to see daffodils naturalizing instead of being forced into rows. She thinks that even with the late warmup, everything is going to do just fine.

Aura's adorable dress is from Xanadu's Etsy shop. (Go through the link in her blog; the link I put in the links section doesn't always work. She has a lot of really cute stuff for PukiFees like Aura. And no, she doesn't know I'm posting this.)

By the way, Aura is just about the same size as me and my Hitty sisters, so we can share outfits. I may be borrowing that dress sometime.

Welcoming back the sun. After this winter, I've come to understand why so many ancient cultures worshiped it.

Fawn didn't trust her crutches with the muddy ground, but that's why humans invented back decks. Well, sort of, I guess....

Happy Spring, everyone in the northern hemisphere. After this winter, we've earned it.

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  1. She does now! Just found your blog and I'm pleased to see the dress arrived safely. It looks lovely on Aura.