Saturday, April 12, 2014

In which - random spring photos!

The last of the snow. Good riddance.....

Aura as a travel deva. We headed to the library to check out the books for sale and the bead store to check out beads today. Aura found a photo book of her native Scotland for two dollars.

Looks like new home construction is on the rebound - at least in the English Sparrow sector.

Daisy in a new outfit from Thailand.

Aura again.

Yours truly....

Fawn and some crocuses.

Coming soon - a LOT of bright yellow awesomeness.

Fawn again....

Yeah - THIS is more like it. Totally more like it.


  1. I envy your lack of snow. We're supposed to be getting another Spring snowstorm TOMORROW. Ugh. So thank you for sharing your Springy photos. I can enjoy them tomorrow when it's snowing outside here. - Miri

  2. Isn't it nice to see the ground again?! That is a very pretty pink spring dress, too. :D

  3. Hey Miri! It's good seeing you again! We can't get used to it yet; it's supposed to turn much cooler starting tomorrow. Oh well...

    Hi, Randomfish! Seeing the ground this spring was like welcoming back an old friend, After this winter, we earned it.And thanks! That's the dress I wore when we drove up to Woodstock last spring. I think it's the oldest of my dresses that Maddy still likes. She's picky sometimes.

  4. Hitty Caroline - I Love your PinKMosT dress, its so beautiful against all the lovely backgrounds and all your wonderful little friends - HaPPy SprinG! ~ LuV, TiGGy