Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In which - ha ha, very funny.....


I don't know if April really is the cruelest month, but it does have a really sick sense of humor.

This is what we woke up to this morning. Apparently the rain really did turn to snow overnight.

At least it's all melting off, though. Maddy told me that there was a very similar storm back in 1997, only a couple of weeks earlier - March 31st into the morning of April 1st - that dumped close to 18" of very wet, VERY heavy snow after it had been unusually warm for several weeks. All the trees were budding out. It was a disaster. The snow was so wet and heavy that it ripped the trees to pieces and took the power out for five days. Several of the trees in the yard were so badly damaged they had to come down, including the one that Daisy's house used to be under. That's where that old stump came from.

This was just annoying to wake up to.

There's just something strange about seeing it all still stuck in the trees after it's melted off the grass, though.

And it's kind of weird - the air is chilly, but the sun is very warm.

Oh well. At least we're supposed to resume our regularly scheduled spring starting tomorrow....


  1. You got hit with that storm too! We were not thrilled here. LOL I'm glad it is melting away quickly.

  2. The snow looks pretty, but I don't like it much when it turns to slush. We don't get any snow here, thank heavens, but it does get pretty cold.