Thursday, April 10, 2014

In which Daisy gets mail and we meet Boris....

Daisy got a package in the mail today, all the way from Thailand.

It turned out to be from the aforementioned Scaramouche. Aura had told her that we probably weren't going to be able to salvage much of anything from Daisy's little hobbit-hole home, so she sent a care package of new clothes. She included a note that said she expects to be back in a few weeks, but isn't sure when yet. I think Daisy said she's studying Whale Whispering, whatever that is.

And never mind that old thing about it being bad luck to give a pixie clothes. Daisy thought it very good luck, indeed.

Because right now we can't even find where the entrance to her place was.

She's taking it well, though. She's just glad she got out in time and found a place to stay.

"So why did you leave Findhorn?" I asked Aura while Maddy and Daisy went to look for a trowel.

"I became a muse for awhile," she said. "Scaramouche did the same thing. She was an urban deva for a very long time until she followed a band she'd fallen in with up to Bearsville when they recorded their first album. The band I fell in with was from Dunfermline. I think your friend Maddy might know the name if I said it. It didn't end well, though. I couldn't--"

That was when we were interrupted by a scream from the house.....

"Maddy, ohmigod, do something! It's huge!" Shel really, seriously does not like spiders. Especially big spiders.

"Maddy, don't!" Daisy yelled, running in, even though no one had done anything yet. "It's Boris! Please don't hurt him!"

"Boris? Is he yours?" Maddy said, reaching for Shel. "Shel, get down from there, please."

"No, he's Scaramouche's. But he's a really good spider," Daisy said. "He's not dangerous, really."

"Wouldn't hurt a fly?" I said.

"Uh no, he'll do that," Daisy admitted.

"If he'll eat flies, he's welcome to stay," Maddy said.

"She has a salamander named Charlotte, too, but I think she brought her with her," Daisy said.

Hmmm, I think I like this girl already. And I think I need to get Shel off the ceiling.....

Edit - I forgot to say that Daisy's adorable new outfits came from Nubanded/CrazyHandmade on Etsy (Link here.) The shop is in Thailand and she makes items as they're ordered, so there is a bit of a wait - but it's worth it. The clothes are well-made and super cute.

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