Friday, November 14, 2014

In which my nemesis and I meet again.....

And so it begins......

Away, thy foul white demon! Away with thy polluting filth, thy wint'ry perversion....

Or, to quote Scaramouche: "What the #$&%!, Tempest!"

Tempest pointed out that this one wasn't her doing She isn't responsible for what happens when a storm deva in the Pacific decides it's time for a super typhoon and whoops! There goes that polar vortex again.

Yes, this outbreak was indeed triggered by a super typhoon in the Pacific wrecking havoc with the jetstream. And there's always a polar vortex. It's just when Polar doesn't keep its Vortex to itself that we have problems

Kira hasn't seen this before. She said she wasn't sure she liked it. Where she comes from, they don't see snow, Just rain in the winter.

Hmmm. Wonder if Maddy would consider a move to the Land Down Under?

Tempest, however, is used to it - although she insists that this isn't where Snowdonia, Wales got the name from. (It's from Lord Snowdon, she said,)

All I can say is it better melt or else I'm getting John-John's nuclear-powered jet-engine turbo-charged blowdryer and taking matters into my own hands.......


  1. We don't much like snow here either and it is at this time of the year that we often dream of returning to the land Down Under!

  2. We also had a few of those nasty flakes as well. My human is really weird. She grew up Down Under but now chooses to live here where winters become totally black and white, and thermometers show evil numbers. Humans. Very strange creatures!