Sunday, November 30, 2014

In which - Happy Birthday, John Ashton!

A very, very happy birthday to our favorite Psychedelic Fur/space cadet, John Ashton!

We were going to make cupcakes to celebrate.....

And will, if Maddy ever finds the muffin pan,

One would think it was in the obvious place, but nope,,,,,

Or the other obvious place....

And no, the dishwasher actually isn't used for washing dishes. It's merely for storage at this point. Maddy isn't even sure it's still hooked up to the water lines.

But cupcakes or no, we hope your birthday's a great one!

So, is THIS the year I get to spank the birthday boy?


At least she wasn't drinking anything this year...

Speaking of Maddy, she was planning to do a new dress tutorial to celebrate my Woodstock fella's birthday again this year, but - well, she kind of didn't realize that November 30th was, in fact, THIS Sunday. So she's hoping to put up a belated birthday dress tutorial sometime soon....

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