Thursday, November 27, 2014

In which - Happy (snowy?!) Thanksgiving!

From everyone here - Happy Thanksgiving! And if it's not Thanksgiving where you are - Happy Thursday!

As for the snowy part - well, this was the back deck before Maddy cleared it.

The railing is going to have to stand in for the ubiquitous "ZOMG LOOK HOW MUCH SNOW IS ON MY PATIO FURNITURE LOL!!!!!!!" shot.

It's not a s pretty as it looks - it's heavy and wet and caused a lot of power outages. Ours threatened to go out a couple of times, but so good, so far, it hasn't. Right now it's just cloudy, but the sun is trying to work its way out.

Someone on the Weather Channel compared the consistency of the snow to mashed potatoes. Not to sure if I'd want to try mashed potatoes in that case......

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving (and Thursday!) is warm and snow-free!

Bonus pic:

Tempest  - taken before Winter Storm Cato decided to go all gangster on us.

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  1. Hello from Spain: Happy Thanksgiving Day. Nice pictures.