Thursday, January 9, 2014

In which we show the bookcase apartment light setup and roof garden....

Since several people have asked about it - it's much easier to explain the setup here than on Facebook or Yahoo. This way the pictures stay attached to the descriptions and in some kind of order, unlike say, on Yahoo.....

Click the pics for a better view....

This is the full view. The bookcase itself is in Maddy's bedroom between the closet and the TV. That's a terrarium on the third shelf. The bottom shelf has two storage boxes for Hitty-size dresses, the storage box for John-John and Shel's stuff and some magazines.

Since it's in a nice bright spot - the room is pretty bright in winter - we turned the top into a roof garden of sorts, complete with benches, an arch and a birdhouse. And a really good view of that poster. (The Led Zeppelin sign came from the Stockbridge trip. The Furs poster has been up there since before she made me.)

Here's how we put the lights up - these clear plastic hooks. They come with adhesives that are supposed to be repositionable, but I think we'd need C4 explosive to reposition them. But at least they're not going to fall down.

That's what they look like a little closer up. The lights themselves are just a string of white LED Christmas lights. They're bright enough to give a nice overall light that helps balance out the flash when taking pictures. We tried stick-on fluorescents. but they were too harsh and didn't stay stuck to the ceiling.

With the sides of the bookcase being open slats, it was easy to run them down the side and plug them in. And yes, that bottom shelf is a mess. :-)

The back was open, too, so we used foamcore with scrapbook paper for a wall, held on by Velcro strips. At first we had ideas for making interchangeable backs, but after the "fun" we had just making these, we abandoned that idea.

 And - the top floor.

Hope that helps out! :-)

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