Friday, January 3, 2014

In which I start to question my knowledge of mythology....

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I thought Hercules was supposed to be a nice guy.

I think we got his evil twin, Jerkules.

Yes, that area of vaguely dirty-looking snow is the road. Not that you'd know it. Just after we took this pic, we watched a white pickup truck go sledding down it. Problem was, I think the poor guy wanted to be driving. He managed to stop just short of disaster, unlike some cars in other storms.

We didn't get a lot of snow - that's not the problem. The 9.8 on the thermometer is. That's the high temperature - in Fahrenheit. It's so cold that the stuff they put on the roads to melt the snow won't melt it. Luckily, it's supposed to warm up after tonight.

As you can see, though, winter doesn't always mean having to choose warmth over fashion. Maddy herself has a bright red wool duffel coat with a black velvet collar and big black toggle buttons. She said she's though with ugly coats.

"When I was a kid, winter meant a big ugly coat," she explained. "I used to have a hideous blue down-filled parka. It was warm, but it made me look like a giant mutant pineapple in the Parade of Weird Tropical Fruits. Not exactly the look you're aiming for at thirteen."

Not a lot to do, so we cleaned up a bit after Christmas. I put my new table up - it came from a display of fairy garden items in Hobby Lobby. Sometimes you can find some great Hitty-size stuff that way. I have a feeling that, like Maddy's, my "sewing table" and "dining room table" are going to end up being the same one.

John (my guy) brought home two dogs he adopted. They're brother and sister - the white one is a girl. Maddy asked if they were spayed/neutered (yes) and I was more concerned about whether or not they were housetrained. (So good so far.....) The staff at the shelter named them Luke and Leia. We'll have to see if the names stick. Shel thinks they might be a little too much alike.

Cat is not digging this, as you can see....

Maddy said I should think about a blue dress, to go along with the song  "Touch The Sky." I don't know - pink is kind of my thing, you know.....

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