Monday, November 18, 2013

In which - just a bunch more random photos....

....because it's been quiet around here. Almost too quiet.

I'm starting to think that I may need to make something happen so I can blog about it.

See. we Hittys don't always wear the old-fashioned type clothes - well, not all of us, anyway. Myself, I like a change every now and then. And sometimes the fancy girly stuff is well - not too practical. Like when you're clobbering some nutjob who's turned himself into and old Ken doll, say....

Although I think most of us dress like that in homage to our ancestor Hitty, I think that if she were carved today, she'd of course wear contemporary outfits. There's also the matter of age. I may be a bit older than the average Hitty - I do remember Ester Robertson gently scolding some of her crew that they weren't old enough to be interested in boys yet. Obviously, that not the case with me. At least Maddy doesn't object to my having a boyfriend, anyway.

All that rambling aside, a few extra layers of pantalettes and petticoats are very nice when the temperature decides to nosedive from say, 65F to 25F like it did last week....

See what I mean? This was the morning of 11/12. It took three days for it to get warm enough to really melt. It wasn't enough to make a mess of the roads or anything, just enough to be really dreary and cold. 

This was the view from the post office. Yes, it was as cold as that looks.

"Engage the silent drive!"

Well, sort of, anyway. How silent the Rogue runs depends on the road conditions. Maddy said it does seem like a lot of road noise comes through even with the windows closed sometimes, especially if the road is wet. Then it sounds like someone left a window open when they shouldn't have. And the transmission is a new type (shades of the original Red October's silent drive!) called a CVT. Maddy said that a lot of the gearhead types she knows hate CVTs because of the noise they make. Instead of gears, the transmission operates on a series of belts and pulleys - which makes it far more fuel efficient and smoother when shifting, but sometimes, when it's shifting from one set of belts to another, it makes a funny rasping noise. It's normal for a CVT but with an older transmission, it would probably mean you'd blown a gear or something. Like Maddy says, you just have to know your vehicle.

Meanwhile, these two troublemakers have been trying to convince Maddy to dig their tree out of the closet so they can put it up and decorate it. Yes, tree as in Christmas tree. Maddy's trying to convince them to at least wait until the day after Thanksgiving. She said that since she isn't going anywhere near a retail establishment on black Friday, we'll have time to start putting up lights and stuff then. This could be cool. You have to remember, my birthday was this February 5th, so I have yet to see what all this holiday fuss is about.

I even had time to make a wreath for the Autumn Wreath challenge on Hittygirls. I decided to keep it simple and raid Maddy's bead stash. We found the wreath form at a craft store for fifty cents.


Well, she did keep her word. It was only for a few minutes. And she does have good taste in literature.

I'm beginning to think we might need a roadtrip soon.....


  1. Wow, you look so Beautiful in that first photo, and all of these clothes and things you did - and you Drove too! Wow, TiGGy is Impressed by That! Great topic on Hitty clothes, I think you make the point in pictures wonderfully that indeed updated clothes look Mahhhvelous on you! Lovely wreath - Wow a roadtrip would be fabulous, but you sure made this blog post on all sorts of stuffs FuN and EnJoyable!

  2. Caroline, you are such a pretty lady. Your sister reminds me so much of you sometimes, though I think she's a little more old fashioned than you are. I could be wrong, though. Anyway, I love your "random pictures" blog entries. Very awesome!

  3. Aw, thanks guys. :) Maddy's started to do more and more sewing for us - she bought most of my earlier dresses. She learned to sew from her mom - I don't think she thinks she'll ever be as good at it as her mom is.

    I think Bertine is a little like Val - she usually sticks with the traditional Hitty look, too.