Friday, November 22, 2013

In which I'm not sure about something....


So, okay. Maddy bought a guinea pig harness. For walkies, I guess....

This is apparently how it's supposed to fit.


This is how it actually fits.

I think we need a DNA test here. I'm starting to think he's a hamster.


  1. Your picture of "this is how it fits" made me laugh out loud. Maybe he IS a hamster? Dwarf Guineapig? Teacup Guineapig? Miniature? No matter what, he's one of a kind and awesome. :)

  2. Is he a baby? Maybe he will grow into it? I loved this post.

  3. He is a baby still. Right now he isn't growing any longer, but he is getting plumper. He's also figured out that food comes from the refrigerator and that squeaking very loud will usually get him some of it. :)