Monday, September 16, 2013

In which we talk beads again....

That totally awesome bead show was in town again this weekend and of course Maddy went both days. There weren't as many vendors as in the spring, but they all had totally awesome stuff.

Not just beads, either. Maddy found this amazing shell for something like twenty dollars. Of course, it also weighs about twenty pounds and she had to carry it around for the rest of the show....

These are some of the Venetian glass beads she found. The one I'm holding is dark blue and green and looks kind of like it should be a planet.

And yes, that's the same fabric as my "sampler dress," but a different dress. Maddy finally found one of the leftover pieces and made a "not-unfancy" (in other words, fancy) dress from it.

I also got my new toaster in, but it's closer to John-John and Shel's size than mine. On the other hand, Maddy said it would fit an entire bagel - or frozen pizza, for that matter - with no problem. I'm not sure which would be the worse idea - putting a frozen pizza or a fork in the toaster.

It's been quiet the last few days, I know, but Maddy hinted at the possibility of a photo-worthy trip later this week. In the meantime, here's a photo-worthy sunrise from last week....

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