Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In which I make some changes, it turns warm and Dr. Armitage gets back to us.....

"Okay, I'm going to have to call these people tomorrow - wait. What did you do?" Maddy came back in holding a printout.

"Changed my blog template to match my Woodstock dress. Why?" I looked around, "And who do you have to call tomorrow?"

"The eye doctor's office. I got a text message to confirm my appointment for 8:45, but them I got an email to confirm my appointment for 9:30. So I need to call them and find out what time I'm supposed to be up there Friday."

"Aren't you worried that it's on Friday the 13th?" Pinky said. She's seriously trixadecaphobic. (However you spell that!)

"Pinky..." Maddy shook her head. "Stop that."


And if you're wondering why I pulled out my most summer-type dress, it's because summer is making a guest appearance tonight and tomorrow. In fact, tomorrow is supposed to be 90F. John-John is far more freaked out about the prediction for severe storms Thursday when the cold front arrives, though. The irony in all of this is that Maddy also just bought some chocolate brown flannel to make me a winter cape and my sweetie a winter coat. (The only pink flannel had a pacifier, teddy bear and baby bottle print. Not exactly what I was looking for in an elegant winter cape....)


"Okay, so who names a baby North West?" Shel was running down the battery on Maddy's phone with the entertainment news.

"I've heard worse. Much worse. At least that's just a little odd," Maddy said. "I used to work with a Michael Hunt. And yes, he went by Mike. Try paging "Mike Hunt, call 433. Mike Hunt, 433" without it sounding really bad."

"I can come up with worse," Tim said. "The other family I was with was named Wiener..."

"As in Anthony "I'm on ur interwebz tweetin mah junk" Wiener?" I said.

He nodded. "The father's name was Seymour Wiener - the Fourth."

"The FOURTH?!" Maddy, John-John, Shel, Richard all and I said more or less together.

He nodded. "The fourth. Her little brother was the fifth."

Sometimes, OMGWTFBBQ just doesn't begin to describe it.....


We were spared any more discussion of all things wiener-y (although Maddy says she now has Led Zeppelin's "Hot Dog" stuck in her head) by my sweetie, who'd just gotten an email from Dr. Armitage.

"There's good news and bad news about that bottle..." he started.

"What's the good news, short stuff?" Richard went over to look.

'Not funny." John looked at him. "The good news is that he thinks he knows what it is. But the the bad news is that he thinks it's a soul bottle."

"Soul bottle? Like someone's soul trapped in it?" Maddy said.

John nodded.

"Whose is it?" I said.

"He isn't sure. That's what he's trying to figure out. He's having a hard time communicating with it. But he thinks it was one of the entities our "friend" Dr. West was trying to reanimate." John looked worried. "Which could be very bad...."

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