Monday, September 9, 2013

In which it's been quiet...

So today we read some sad (for us, anyway) news that after all these years, The Hittyville blog is closing. Vicki, we wish you the best of everything and hope you're planning to take that trip of a lifetime with Joe soon. Maybe someday you can come back and tell us all about how amazing it was?

As for me, I'm not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. There's still too much stuff happening around here. Now if I could only get John-John and Shel to Freaking. Set. A. DATE! Already......

Speaking of the World's Cutest Couple, John-John's birthday is coming up on the 22nd. And of course, none of us have the slightest idea what to get him.

Maddy: "Tell me that's not one of those Hammicker-Slammer catalogs...."

(I think she meant "Hammacher-Schlemmer." I think....)

Shel: "No, it's Home Sew. You said John-John needs boots...."

Maddy looked. "Those are for American Girl dolls, baby. They're not going to fit John-John." She often wishes they did because one, they're nice and two, she can't make shoes to save her life, which explains all the bare feet you see around here.

Shel looked distressed. "What am I going to do? I have to think of something to get him."

Maddy kissed his cheek. "We'll come up with something, sweetie. Don't worry. I'll help you."

John-John overheard that. "You don't have to get me anything. I have everything I want."

Shel looked at him. "I can't just..."

"Hush. I have you. What more do I really need?"

I think Maddy is thinking boots, though. Love doesn't keep your feet dry.....


Apart from that, it's been quiet. John (my fella) and I rode up to the car dealership with Maddy today so she could get the Rogue inspected and new windsheld wipers installed. Apparently this inspection thing is something you have to get done every year. I hope next year they have the TV on something other than the morning-whatever show with that Kathy Lee and Whatshername Chick. Some older guy muttered something about them having "stuffing for brains." As someone who actually does have stuffing for brains, I found that highly offensive. Maddy said she's pretty sure that morning chat shows kill brain cells. (She also said that, for the record, the "pet expert" they had on is an idiot. For one thing, she's always heard it pronounced "Bet-tah" fish, not "Bay-tah" and the common name is Siamese Fighting Fish, not Japanese....)

(Maddy's note - It's a "to-may-to/toe-maah-toe" sort of thing, but growing up as a tropical fish geek, I really did hear it always pronounced BET-tah. But the "Japanese Fighting Fish" part really did have me facepalming. At least get something right.....)


Maddy wanted to get some pictures of me and my sweetie outside, but between the deer poop and what looked suspiciously like poison ivy, it wasn't safe to actually sit anywhere....

Maddy: "I'm not taking any chances. Remember that picture I showed you of the sky the day before Irene? After I took that I realized I was standing in a huge clump of poison ivy. I raced home and more or less hit the shower fully clothed. I must have gotten it just in time, because I never did break out."

So she settled for a few through-the-trees shots....

And Dr. Armitage has sent that little bottle thing for "further study." Richard Morris said that can't be good....


  1. Indeed sad news about Hittyville...

    Glad to hear you still have lots to tell us. I enjoy your little stories.

    1. Thanks! I really am having a lot of fun doing it. And thanks for being my first follower :).

  2. We're very sad about Hittyville too. Her updates will be missed a lot. But like Serenata said, I'm glad you're still here! We in the Kingdom LOVE your adventures. And we can't wait to find out what that little bottle thing is!