Saturday, September 27, 2014

In which we're keeping an eye to the sky because it looks better than the ground....

Someone (I assume it was my "Woodstock fella," John Ashton) posted a charmingly cryptic post on the Satellite Paradiso FB page: "Keep an eye to the sky."

 Sounds like a plan to me......

Because it's better than looking at the yard right now

What started out as a simple "fix the leak that soaked the drywall downstairs" culminated in most of the side and back yard being torn up to fix the curtain drain last week and early this week.
Maddy *thinks* her poppies were spared - she told them to keep the backhoe well away from that flowerbed and they did - mostly - but there's not a heck of a lot else left. The worst part is that we don't even know for sure if all this really did anything or not. The back and side yard don't seem quite as squishy - the ground's usually kind of wet, but it seems drier. But then again, we're nine inches short on rain right now and it's been dry for almost two weeks.

And where it wasn't dug up, there are tire tracks. Everywhere.

Where's a deva to even start?

"If we find out they didn't have to do this...."

"Smackdown time?" I think Scaramouche was going to say something else, but decided to keep it G-rated.

"You better believe it."

Aura thinks the poppies are fine, though. They're normally dormant by this time of year, anyway.

"You're going to need to seed it with winter grass and cover it with straw," she said of the rest of this mini-disaster. "If you don't, the spring melt's going to just wash it all away. Maybe you can ask the fella who does your leaves for you if he can do it."

"Or maybe you come with me to Lowe's and help me pick out grass seed," Maddy said.

"We can try. Get some bulbs while you're at it and I'll help you put hyacinths in," Aura suggested. "Hyacinths and hellbores. You need some early spring color around here that isn't daffodils. and see if you can order more of those poppies, maybe."

Leave it to a deva to see an opportunity when most people just see a ginormous mess. But I think this is going to take more than a couple of bags off grass seed and some bulbs......


  1. YeP leave it to the Deva's to see opportunity's in even the most difficult straits. Very sorry about your leak, ours nearly went there but after contractors and everyone told us it must - suddenly my husband finally discovered it was actually the hot water heater - OmG Huge Save! But if it hit your drywall then it probably did need to be done, and will indeed enhance next years garden it seems - Glad the dollies are all safe and on it!
    LuV, TiGGy

    1. Good thing he found it when he did! Maddy just went down and checked the wall, and it was dry - even will all the rain we've had so far today. So I think she's feeling better about her decision, too. Now we just have to fix the damaged drywall - she's already drawn the line at the sump pump they wanted to install, but she may be considering getting the dehumidifier they recommended. Kind of ironic, considering that she runs a humidifier upstairs in the winter....