Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In which - random photos!

Aura's new dress. Fishface back there is less than impressed. 

Fresh dandelion season!

There are many, many more out in the yard where these came from.

Not so fast, Spike.....

"Jungle life, I'm leading 'neath the open, all alone, like Tarzan Boy...."

Maddy: "We're going to get thrown out of this garden center,,,,"

 My kind of tree

Awesome! We can finally haz leavez.....

Aura: "And it was believed that if you ever heard the bluebells ring, it was time to start preparing for a funeral."

Me: "How the heck do flowers ring?"

Daisy: "They don't. Faeries just like to mess with humans' heads sometimes....."

Daisy watching Aura explaining to a bunch of ants that they can't move into Maddy's kitchen....

Spring! At last.....

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  1. Isn't it grand when Spring arrives and with it new growth and blossom that makes the heart sing.