Monday, May 26, 2014

In which - it "was" a nice Memorial Day, until....

*Warning for minor doll nudity*

Long story short, we were helping move some of the plants out of Maddy's bedroom window. The house is so far under the trees here that once the leaves come out, there's almost no sun in the back of the house until September. So all the plants have to either crowd into the window or be moved somewhere else.

We almost had them all moved when....


"Yo....little help, peeps?"

"Tori! You bloody idiot! What on earth is wrong with you?!" Aura exclaimed. "And more to the point, what are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to say well away from me?"

"You're not the boss of me, you little stuck up..." I'm not going to repeat what this Tori chick called Aura, but it wasn't very nice. "I'll do what I want, when I want, and you won't...."

Right in the lucky bamboo. Guess it wasn't too lucky for her.

"Tori, you're a disgrace to Fay folk everywhere!" Aura scolded. "I don't know what you think your business is here, but you'd best just leave. I can tell you, Maddy isn't going to stand for having you around."

"Listen you, she's just a stupid mortal. I have connections. I could have the Unseelie down on her so fast..."

"Okay, enough. Out with you." I don't think Maddy was all that impressed with Tori's threats. "Don't make me get my athame." 

"You don't have connections. Even the Unseelie think you're too stupid to bother with," Daisy called after them. We heard cursing and yelling all the way until....

"You see this? Iron nail." I heard Maddy say. Then the outside door slammed. (Faerie types can't cross a threshold protected by iron, according to Daisy. She said it doesn't have any effect on devas or pixies, though.)

"Who was that?" I said.

"Her name is Tori. She's the daughter of one of the Fairy King's advisers, and she thinks she owns the bloody world." Aura actually facepalmed, something rarely seen in the wild. "She doesn't know anyone. She's just bluffing. Daisy was right about the Unseelie. They think she's a bloody joke. Which she is, but - oh man. If she's around.....Scaramouche needs to get back here now. She really does...."

Maddy's note: Tori is an AI Toriena. They're these very inexpensive BJDs I've seen around. They're cute, but they're more akin to play dolls than the ABJDs. I don't know if they're actually resin or just hard plastic. Her stringing and jointing aren't the best (especially compared to Fairyland's!) I think I'm going to need to wire her with pipe cleaners to make her somewhat stable holding a pose. But maybe I'm just spoiled between DollsTown and Fairyland. Even Fawn's most wobbly joints are far more stable than Tori's.

And we're closing in on the twelve-week mark, so yes, Scaramouche should be arriving soon now! I'm also expecting a belated birthday present - a PukiFee Dony - towards the end of August. I ordered a basic in natural skin - the fullset is adorable, but I know I'll end up redressing and restyling her. I don't have her character entirely worked out, but her name (tentatively) will be Tempest and she'll be a deva like Aura and Scaramouche. What kind, I don't know yet.

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  1. LOL Looks like Tori will keep the others from getting bored!

    Congratulations on the impending arrival of Scaramouche. :)