Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In which it's quiet - and that's a good thing.

Because a year ago today, this is what we were looking at, according to John-John and Shel.

The year before that, according to Maddy, the power had been out for about three hours by this time, the house was 48F and there were almost eight inches of very heavy wet snow on the ground - with a LOT more on the way.

This year, however, it's just variably cloudy and chilly.

Chilly enough to break out the heavy shawl.

John-John and Shel came out for a few minutes. I think they had thoughts of playing in the leaves, but it was too chilly without a coat. And right now John-John has no idea where his heavy coat is. Maddy thought all of that stuff - his coat, some heavier clothes, things like that - was in a box under her bed. Turns out the only box under the bed had books in it. So we're back to square one trying to find the winter clothes.

Felicity had better luck - we were out last week and found her a cute sweater outfit and boots all for $15. There's a shop two stores down from Joann's Fabrics that sells all kinds of handmade stuff and they had a little rack of hand-knitted American Girl clothes. The boots probably aren't handmade, but they were included.

We even still have mums blooming.

Me and my fella.

And Rich is back from Arkham. He said he really didn't want to hang around Miskatonic on Halloween. According to him, it's all fun and games until someone accidentally summons Yog-Sothoth. Sohalia was glad to see him. I think she might have a crush on him. Tim thinks it's mutual.

What John-John wanted to see so badly last year - blue sky.

And, in closing, here's the photo Maddy was trying to get off her phone (one of them, anyway.)

That's a hamster asleep in his food bowl. Not much you can add to that.....

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