Thursday, March 5, 2015

In which - (Re)introducing JT

Hi. And "meow" and all that stuff.

I'm JT.

You may remember me from Halloween 2013. I'm the - unquiet spirit, as Caroline calls me - who that West dude trapped in one of those spirit bottle things. Not pleasant. I managed to break out of the stupid thing and took over the body of a doll Caroline's person was working on. That was okay, but you know, there was stll the chance I could end up back in a spirit bottle. So I had to learn how to take a form on my own. I could have gone back to human, I guess, but I like the idea of being a black cat. So here I am.

Here's a little more of my story. So yeah, basically, I used to be human, but now I'm - well, whatever I am. It's not bad. I mean, I'm still around and all. And I still get to hang around with a bunch of my friends. Some of them are unquiet spirits like me and some are dolls - real ones, I mean - and some are devas like Scaramouche. I used to know her back when in the city. She hung out with the band I was in at the time. I think we were the first humans she made friends with. I'm not sure we were really the best choice, but she liked us, for whatever reason. And she was actually glad to see me.

I'm not afraid of that West guy coming back now - although I really do think he will at some point. He can't get me. I'm afraid he might be able to get to some of my friends - the unquiet spirits, that is - but if he does, I think we can rescue them. If Scaramouche can't, then her friend Devon's boyfriend can. Rafael himself is an unquiet spirit like me, from what I can figure out. I think he used to be some kind of Vodou priest - is that the right term? - from what Devon said. Anyway, he's from New Orleans, the scene of my last stand, just like Devon and her sister Gail and this other friend of theirs - I can't remember if Scaramouche called her Rue or Rhea.

So anyway, this is me.

And no, I have absolutely no desire to chase a stupid laser pointer. So don't even try that red dot thing with me. I'm not that kind of cat.

(JT is a Camilla Dynasty Wong in black. I think a black cat makes a pretty cool shell for an unquiet spirit.)

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